Black cat

Poisoning warning following admission of cats with acute renal failure

We are asking our clients to be extra vigilant following recent admissions of cats presenting Acute Renal Failure (ARF).  This condition can have many causes, one of the main ones is ethylene glycol toxicity, which is found in anti-freeze, screen wash, brake fluid, coolants and some kinds of ink. The ingestion of anti-freeze and following

Cat Diabetes - Ollie

Ollie – Diabetes in Cats

Cat diabetes is a common endocrine condition and in most cases can be diagnosed and managed successfully. Management of the condition can be complex as treatment may need to be adjusted to the individual cat as Emma experienced with her cat Ollie.

Norah recovered from lip avulsion

Norah – Lip Avulsion

We recently received some great feedback from a client called Andrew about his experience with Calder Vets when his dog, Norah, suffered from a Lip Avulsion injury. The following, with full permission, is copied directly from Andrews Facebook page.

Puppy School at Brighouse

Puppy School at Brighouse

Puppy school at Brighouse We are now running puppy school courses at our Brighouse surgery with Registered Veterinary Nurse and Qualified Behavioural Trainer Sue O’Hare. We highly recommend that puppies attend our puppy school because research has shown that a well run puppy school can help prevent behavioural problems later on in life. Learn how to teach

Charlie is like a puppy again

Charlie’s like a puppy again

As part of the investigation we performed a blood test which revealed an increase in her kidney enzymes and abnormal electrolyte levels (an increase in her blood potassium and a reduction in her blood sodium levels). These changes on a blood profile can indicate kidney disease but can also indicate a condition called hypoadrenocorticism or

Poppy Breaks A Leg!

Poppy Breaks A Leg!

Poppy’s Diagnosis It was clear that the leg was broken so her owners rushed Poppy to their local vets. They examined her to make sure she had no other injuries and then took some radiographs of the leg. Poppy had fractures of her radius and ulna, one of the bones had penetrated the skin. A bandage