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Here at Calder Vets we pride ourselves on offering the very best treatment options for our patients. Which is why we have invested in our brand new Cryopen.

Many of our patients present with small lumps and bumps such as skin tags, warts and small benign growths which cause no major medical concern, but may be problematic in other ways. For example the skin tag that your dog catches each time he scratches his ear.

Historically the only option would have been to remove such lesions under anaesthesia, which requires both financial and medical consideration, so may only be recommended by one of our vets when absolutely necessary.

Our new Cryopen means that more often than not, lesions such as those mentioned above, can be dealt with quickly and efficiently without the need for anaesthesia. The Cryopen uses nitrous oxide under high pressure to freeze the cells, therefore permanently removing them much the same as the technology used in human medicine.  

This treatment is available at our Dewsbury Hospital following a consultation with one of our vets. Treatment times vary with the size and complexity of the lesion, our vet will discuss whether the treatment can be carried out as a day case or an extended consultation.

Occasionally some patients may be a little wriggly, so especially when treating delicate areas such as those around the eyes, it’s important that they stay very still, so may require a little sedation to help relax them. This will be discussed with you during your consultation with one of our vets.

To book an appointment or for more information about Cryopen, please call our Dewsbury Hospital on 01924 465592.

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