Len loving his laser treatment

Launching Laser Therapy

We’re really excited to announce that we now offer laser treatment at many of our branches.  Laser treatment is a non-invasive way of reducing pain, inflammation and speeding up the healing process. Veterinary nurse Phillippa Royston says “The laser itself is delivered via a handpiece that is used over the affected area. Lots of pets

Moscow at Calder Vets

Calder Vets rushin’ to save Moscow the Springer Spaniel

One of our vets has described the dramatic two-day battle to save a Springer Spaniel who had swallowed a pine cone and required emergency surgery to remove a large section of his intestines. Veterinary surgeon Ben Lord revealed how two-year-old Moscow had to have surgery to remove the rotting cone along with 50cm of his

Paws for thought and protect pets at Christmas

We’re warning pet owners to be aware of household hazards which could affect their animals at Christmas in a bid to avoid an emergency trip to surgery. The festive period can present a minefield of potential issues for pets as homes are decorated and a range of food and drink is often accessible. Among the

Emergency vets save Kaiser

Emergency vets save beloved German Shepherd who choked on toy ball

The owners of a beloved German Shepherd have spoken of their relief after emergency vets saved their pet from choking on his favourite toy ball. Kaiser only survived because he’d previously chewed away a rope which was attached to the ball, leaving a hole in the middle that allowed him to gasp in air after

Pet Passport - Pets and Brexit

Act now if taking pets abroad after Brexit

We’re advising pet owners they have until the end of the month to act if they intend to travel to the European Union (EU) with their furry friend from the end of March. Currently, dogs, cats and ferrets can travel anywhere in the EU as long as they have a pet passport, which sees owners

Jess the Jack Russell - Calder Vets

We’re bowled over by the breathtaking feats of Jess the Jack Russell!

Rebecca Brookes was in the middle of an asthma attack, coughing uncontrollably and gasping for breath when Jess, her beloved Jack Russell, came running to the rescue. ‘Amazing Jess’, as she’s now known, had realised the danger and raced off to fetch Rebecca’s inhaler before delivering it to her distressed owner. It was a moment

Vet’s bitesize guide to protecting pets’ teeth

It’s important to take care of your pet’s oral health – which is why we offer free dental advice and urge you to be vigilant when looking after your pet’s teeth. Introducing dental checks and scale and polish treatments into your pet’s routine is vital to ensure they stay fit and healthy. We welcomed two

parvovirus dog

Parvovirus in Dogs

Canine Parvovirus is a potentially lethal illness in dogs that has seen several confirmed cases in recent years and months in the UK. Spreading awareness about the symptoms and prevention is crucial.

VHD2 in Rabbits

Cases of killer rabbit disease suspected in Leeds

Calder Vets is warning that a new strain of a deadly disease which kills rabbits without warning could be on the rise in Yorkshire. We are urging all rabbit owners to make sure their pets have up-to-date vaccinations to safeguard against a new strain of viral haemorrhagic disease known as VHD 2. VHD 2 is