Pet antibiotic resistance – how can we safeguard our future?

What does antibiotic resistance mean? Antibiotics can be effective at treating bacterial infections. However, over time bacteria can evolve to become resistant to some antibiotics, making them less effective. The more we use antibiotics then the more quickly bacteria may adapt. It’s difficult to develop new antibiotics and the process can take many years. This

Alabama Rot Awareness

Alabama Rot, also known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV), is a rare but serious and potentially life-threatening disease that affects dogs. While it’s relatively rare, it’s crucial for dog owners to be aware of this condition, understand what it is, and learn how to protect their furry companions from it. In this blog,

Are conkers poisonous to dogs?

Navigating autumn’s hidden hazards: Can dogs eat conkers? As the vibrant autumn leaves begin to fall, our canine companions eagerly join us in exploring the wonders of autumn. Amidst this picturesque backdrop, one common autumn sight is the iconic conker – the intriguing, shiny chestnut-like seed from horse chestnut trees. Conkers possess a charming allure

7 behaviours to look out for in a new puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to be prepared for the behaviours that may come with it. Here are 7 behaviours to look out for in a new puppy, to get you better prepared for your new family addition… Chewing Puppies have a natural

Is corn on the cob safe for dogs?

Our Guide to Knowing The Dangers of Corn and When You Should Visit Your Local Vet We all love to share a delicious BBQ with our furry friends, but is it really safe to share some of our favourites, such as corn on the cob, with them? Here we explore the potential risk factors of

Saltwater poisoning in dogs: Symptoms to look out for

Many dog owners enjoy spending time at the beach, allowing their furry friends to frolic in the waves and enjoy the sun. While the beach can be a fun and refreshing experience, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers, including saltwater poisoning. If your dog ingests saltwater, it can lead to significant health

Lily poisoning: Protecting your pets from a hidden danger

Lilies are a favourite flower of many, often adorning our homes and gardens. However, many pet owners are unaware of the significant danger these flowers pose to their beloved furry friends. While lilies may seem harmless, certain species can be highly toxic to cats and, to a lesser extent, dogs. In this blog post, we


Everything You Need To Know About Walking Your Dog In The Rain

It’s important to know that there are ways to walk your dog in the rain comfortably for both you and your dog. Dogs have sensitive senses, and the sound and smell of rain can be overwhelming for some. Most dogs won’t mind walking in the rain. In fact some will gain enjoyment from doing so.


Springtime Allergies in Pets: Symptoms and Treatments

Springtime allergies are not simply a problem for people; they can also affect pets. Pets can experience seasonal allergies in the springtime, just like people can. To keep their furry friends healthy and comfortable, it’s good for pet owners to know about the signs of springtime allergies in pets and how to treat them. The

Essential summer safety tips for keeping your pets healthy and happy

While summer brings plenty of outdoor adventures and quality time spent with your pets, it also presents some unique hazards that pet owners need to be aware of. Beware of bees, wasps & adders The buzzing sound of bees or wasps is synonymous with summer, but it can spell trouble for your pets. Some pets