Calder Vets COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 2021 update

Branch Update: Our Tingley branch remains closed. The Lockwood practice will be closed Thursday 29th and Friday 30th July. Calder Vets practices in West and South Yorkshire are open and here to offer a full range of services for our patients whilst adhering to our current COVID-19 safety guidelines. Calder Vets are working to reduce

Barbecues and your pets – things to consider  

Picture the scene…you’re in your garden, the sun is shining in West Yorkshire, maybe you have friends and family round to visit, and the charcoals are just about ready for you to start cooking al fresco. The last thing you want is an emergency vet visit with your beloved pet. If you’re planning a barbecue

Heat awareness for animals in hutches

We all enjoy getting out in the sunshine in West Yorkshire; however, it is not always true for our pets! Any animal can overheat in hot weather, and we can often forget how tough it can be on our pets that live in hutches, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It can be easy to

Important Information – Product Recall

Fold Hill Foods has taken precautionary action to recall several dry cat food diets due to safety concerns. This is a result of a concerning spike detected by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in the number of pancytopenia cases in cats throughout the UK. What should I do? If you have bought any of the

August bank holiday hours

The August bank holiday weekend is here…whether you are heading to the coast, off on a walking adventure, or taking it easy at home this bank holiday, we just wanted to let you that our opening hours may differ, should you need us:   Monday 3oth August Dewsbury               

We’re all ears when it comes to your rabbit

Every year we celebrate Rabbit Awareness Week, a week dedicated to our rabbits. This year is the 15th year of the celebration, where we will be hopping through the years, as we provide you with the best information about how to care for your rabbit and how adapting their care throughout their years will help

Calder vets in Dewsbury talk about the importance of microchipping your pet

Keeping our pets safe is important to all of us as pet owners. They trust us with their care and protection and microchipping can help with keeping them safe. A microchip identifies your pet as belonging to you. Calder Vets in Dewsbury explain that these microchips contain a unique reference number that links to your

Calder vets in Brighouse explain Kennel Cough myths and facts

As Calder Vets in Brighouse explain, the very name ‘kennel cough’ suggests that dogs are only at risk of contracting this airborne disease if you put them into boarding kennels, while you go on holiday for example. It’s for this reason that many pet owners don’t get their dog vaccinated; they don’t see the disease

Wakefield vets warn about grass seed dangers to cats and dogs

Grass seeds are a common problem during the spring and summer months. Wakefield vets explain that while your pet explores the outdoors, grass seed can easily brush off the tops of long grass stems onto their bodies. The seeds have pointed ends and are exceptionally sharp, so they become trapped in your pet’s fur and

Dewsbury vets warn about grass seeds & freshly cut grass hazards

Dewsbury vets are here to answer all your questions about grass seeds dangers. It is the season when issues related to grass seeds are quite common in pets, especially for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. Grass seeds can attach anywhere, but they most commonly attach to long fur between the toes and