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Our Registered Veterinary Nurses run a range of nurse clinics to provide help and advice for pet owners.

The veterinary nursing team at Calder Vets, are passionate about supporting you and your pets. Nurse clinics are an excellent option to get advice and assistance for a wide range of preventative healthcare, as well as support with managing health conditions.

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Some services incur charges and certain nurse clinics are only available at certain clinics due to space and facilities.

Here is some more information about the range of nurse clinics we offer here at Calder.
Weight clinics

Our new tailored weight clinics provide a holistic approach to help tackle your pets weight, whether that be the need for them to put on weight or to lose weight. Our nurses provide a plan around your lifestyle that will work to help achieve the right body condition score with regular sessions and support available to achieve the goal. Obesity is increasing in pets which can lead to many health problems such as heart conditions, diabetes and of course arthritis. Maintaining the right weight can help prevent these conditions in your beloved pet.

Diabetic clinics

Our diabetic clinics are there to support you through your pet's diabetic journey. Our nurses help guide you to providing the best injection technique when administering insulin, and can support you with aiding routine at home in terms of feeding, exercise and limiting treats as well as acknowledging hyperglycaemic and hypoglycaemic signs in the pet and what do in these situations. Managing diabetic patients can be time consuming and difficult but you are not alone. We are here to help.

Post operation checks

Our nurses perform post operative checks for those procedures completed with a general anaesthetic or sedation to aid recovery. Nurses will check and assess any wounds to make sure they are healing correctly, with no signs of infection or breakdown. They will also remove stitches (if appropriate). Our experienced nurses also provide accurate tips and advice to help maintain a smooth recovery ensuring your beloved one is back to normal duties as soon as possible.

Nail clipping

Our nurses can keep your pets’ paws in good shape with offering nail clipping service. Our nurses also help with any minor clipping or matts in your beloved pets.

Anal sac expression

Some pets need their anal glands expressing and our nurses our here to help them feel more comfortable. Any infections or abnormalities will be referred to a vet.

Pre Neuter checks

When it comes round to the time for your pet to be neutered, our nurses offer an informative session for you to attend a few days before the planned surgery to make everything is ok to go ahead. We go through what to do on the morning of the procedure, how the day will look while your pet is staying with us, information on the procedure itself and any risks that may be involved, and then the recovery period.

Dental clinic

It is really important to keeping your pet’s teeth and gums in great condition to help prevent the need of dental procedure in the future. Learn how to brush teeth, the best products to use and the best diet for your pet’s teeth at their life stage at our dental care clinic.

Flea tick and worming advice

We offer preventative care for your pets to help them with flea, worm and tick treatment, alongside expert advice from our nurses on how to keep on top of their healthcare. Our nurses can advise about application, frequency and how to keep on top of your environment at home. We can also help show top tips on how to apply the treatment safely.

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