Autumn dangers in West Yorkshire

To ensure you know the dangers associated with autumn in West Yorkshire, we have compiled together some guidance to ensure you all stay safe as we transition between seasons. Clocks changing The changes brought about with the clocks going back next month bring an increase in pet-related road traffic accidents and catfights. The change in

Top tips to calm your anxious and stressed pet

Like humans, pets often suffer from everyday stress that can lead to issues that can cause them to become anxious or stressed. Unfortunately, while humans have some means at their disposal to deal with such issues, pets aren’t so lucky. So here are some effective ways to help reduce and relieve anxiety and stress in

Have a worry-free experience when taking your cat to the vet

We know regular veterinary visits benefit our cats – but taking them for an appointment can pose a challenge if not done correctly. Cats by nature are independent, territorial and need to feel in control. So – all these things can make trips to the vets in West Yorkshire eventful for both you and your

Preparing your pet for home life changes

The end of the summer holidays brings with it another change in home life for our pets in West Yorkshire. When considering this change, we could put them in one of two camps: those looking forward to the peace and quiet and those dreading not being with us 24/7. If your pet falls into the

Tips for worry-free visits to the vets

Like many people dread going to the doctor, the vet can be a source of anxiety for our pets. Luckily, there are steps you can take to alleviate some of the anxiety your pet feels when it senses a vet visit in West Yorkshire is coming up. Preparing for your visit If possible, hold off

Keeping your dog safe during car travel

It’s hard not to smile when you see a dog with its head out of the window in a travelling car. They look so happy and carefree! But travelling with an unrestrained dog could around West Yorkshire could be a real risk – to them, to you, and to other drivers. If you’re going to

Heat awareness for animals in hutches

We all enjoy getting out in the sunshine in West Yorkshire; however, it is not always true for our pets! Any animal can overheat in hot weather, and we can often forget how tough it can be on our pets that live in hutches, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It can be easy to

Calder Vets COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 2021 update

Branch Update: Our Tingley branch remains closed. The Lockwood practice will be closed Thursday 29th and Friday 30th July. Calder Vets practices in West and South Yorkshire are open and here to offer a full range of services for our patients whilst adhering to our current COVID-19 safety guidelines. Calder Vets are working to reduce

Barbecues and your pets – things to consider  

Picture the scene…you’re in your garden, the sun is shining in West Yorkshire, maybe you have friends and family round to visit, and the charcoals are just about ready for you to start cooking al fresco. The last thing you want is an emergency vet visit with your beloved pet. If you’re planning a barbecue

Important Information – Product Recall

Fold Hill Foods has taken precautionary action to recall several dry cat food diets due to safety concerns. This is a result of a concerning spike detected by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in the number of pancytopenia cases in cats throughout the UK. What should I do? If you have bought any of the