Help us to fix Heidi


Heidi’s Deformed Leg


Fundraising as already started and the initial part of her treatment as begun. On Thursday 29th of November 2012 Heidi was given a sedation and CT images where taken of her deformed leg.

Pic-2-Heidi-CT (1)

The pictures where then converted into a 3D image and sent to a company in America where a replica bone model will be created in order to assist our surgeons with their major repair.


You can see the extent of her deformity but it doesn’t stop Heidi taking an active role in the fundraising campaign to pay for her surgery.


Heidi has settled well into her foster home and is enjoying having company and a routine. She is much calmer as a result.

She loves her food and gobbles it up in seconds, likes to play with and cuddle up to Maya – they’ve become very close. She’d love to cuddle up to the cat too but gets too excited so she gets a bop on the nose by a cat paw for her efforts.

This is a serious surgery, so Calder Vets are working alongside her foster home to raise the funds needed for Heidi’s operation to ensure this sweet girl enjoys a better quality of life.

Donations can be made either directly to Calder Vets or through Virgin Money Giving


Heidi dreaming of a straight leg


Two days after Christmas Heidi’s surgery is complete.

With your help we raised £734. Thank you all so much for your kind donations towards Heidi’s treatment.


Heidi relaxing at home post surgery.