Norah – Lip Avulsion

Norah recovered from lip avulsion

We recently received some great feedback from a client called Andrew about his experience with Calder Vets when his dog, Norah, suffered from a Lip Avulsion injury. The following, with full permission, is copied directly from Andrews Facebook page.

Liv avulsion pre op
Norah suffering from lip avulsion


Just shy of 11 weeks ago, our lovely Norah had a freak accident whilst out on an exercise run. She managed to detach the skin on her chin from her jawbone…basically leaving the lower half of her face hanging off. The cut was so clean there was little or no blood and Norah didn’t even realise that she had damaged her face.

It was truly shocking, 3 operations in 3 weeks, and an exhausting 11 weeks, of being stitched, re-stitched, with a cone and in a crate, hand fed, with little exercise …

This weekend saw us wave goodbye to the cone … we now have a muzzle for safety , with some custom modifications, whilst out but fingers crossed the “fix” seems to be holding and she has two runs out on the moor.

Her face is a little skew and we are slowly getting used to our new look Norah but her heart and her drive are as big as ever.

It really is early days and a simple knock could be disastrous BUT we would like to thank the very lovely Laura and her colleague David from Calder Vets who have managed to get us this far.”


We’re really please that Norah is well on the road to recovery and Andrew had such a good experience he wanted to share it. If you’d like to share one of your Calder Vets stories please email us or call 01924 465 592 and get in touch.