Gemma Kilby is advising pet owners about the heatwave

Protect pets from the heat as heatwave continues

We’ve recently introduced free heatwave appointments with our nurses to help pet owners keep their animals safe in the heat as forecasters predict the sizzling summer will continue across the UK. With the sun shining across the country and temperatures set to stay high over the coming weeks, Calder Vets is encouraging people to make

New vet practice in Leeds open for business

We are delighted to announce our new practice in Halton, Leeds is now open for business. We welcomed three talented primary school children, who showed off their artistic skills by drawing colourful creatures, to officially open our 13th practice in Yorkshire on Friday, July 6. Prior to the opening, youngsters from Templenewsam Halton Primary School

Kanga - physiotherapy at Calder Vets Dewsbury

Kanga bouncing after physiotherapy at Calder Vets

This is Kanga, a 10-year-old English Springer Spaniel who recently visited our Dewsbury practice for physiotherapy. Although she is 10, Kanga still behaves like a puppy. She has IOHC in her left elbow, which means the growth plates in her elbow didn’t fuse together fully when she was growing. This is quite common with her breed and

Chinese lanterns

Vets warn of the dangers of Chinese lanterns to animals

A leading Yorkshire vet practice is urging Christmas and New Year revellers to reconsider celebrating the festive season by launching Chinese sky lanterns. While they provide an entrancing sight as they float across the night sky, the lanterns can cause serious harm – and even death – to wildlife and outdoor pets due to the

Rupert the labrador

Night team to the rescue to ‘de-stone’ Rupert

A black Labrador who swallowed a stone is alive and well thanks to fast work by the night team at a our 24-hour animal hospital in Dewsbury. Two-year-old Rupert was rushed in late on a Sunday night after two days of vomiting, lethargy and a lack of appetite. Within just three hours, night vet Kyle

Calder Vets staff raise more than £650 for Hope Pastures

Calder Vets staff raise more than £650 for Hope Pastures

Staff from Calder Vets have presented a cheque worth more than £650 to Hope Pastures, a charity that rescues abandoned horses chosen in memory of a late colleague. Kylie Greenwood, Tracy Hemingway and Michele Squires visited the charity to present a cheque for £667, money which was raised by a group cycle ride across Calder’s


Gold star for Rupert after socialising success

This is Rupert, who had a problem with one of his paws when he was little, which became sensitive and needed extra nail clips. Poor Rupert became quite worried of coming in to the vets and having them clipped, so his owner has been bringing him down to see Jemma at our Lockwood surgery for some


Winter warning for cat owners amid poisoning risk

With the temperatures dropping and winter approaching, we’re asking cat owners to be vigilant of poisoning risks which are particularly common at this time of year. The ingestion of anti-freeze can lead to acute renal failure (ARF) in cats, and is more of a risk throughout the winter months when people are using anti-freeze in cars.

Vet surgeon Mark Harrison and dog Moriarty

Ensure pets don’t lose sparkle amid firework fears

Vets are advising pet owners on how to prevent their animals becoming stressed and unsettled as fireworks season gets under way. Sue O’Hare, behaviour trainer at Calder Vets, which has 12 surgeries across Yorkshire, including a  24-hour animal hospital in Dewsbury, has warned this time of year can be a nightmare for terrified pets who

tour de calder

Calder staff’s pedal power raises more than £1,200 for charity

Staff at Calder Vets who took to the saddle to cycle across Yorkshire for charity smashed their fundraising target by more than 300 per cent. The Tour de Calder Vets, which took place on Sunday, September 24, raised a total of £1,294 against the original target of £400. The ride took the 11 participants over