Gold star for Rupert after socialising success


This is Rupert, who had a problem with one of his paws when he was little, which became sensitive and needed extra nail clips.

Poor Rupert became quite worried of coming in to the vets and having them clipped, so his owner has been bringing him down to see Jemma at our Lockwood surgery for some free socialisation sessions.

Rupert is super smart and knows lots of tricks and has very caring owners who are working through a training plan with him so he can be happy having his nails clipped at home.

On his last visit, Rupert brought his much-loved toy box, and had great fun and lots of treats playing in the consult room and practising being examined on the table. Gold stars all round!

If your animal is anxious at the vets, you are welcome to bring them along to Lockwood for a free vet socialisation session. If you’re interested, please call the Lockwood surgery on 01484 429404.