Dee Dee’s bravery wins the hearts of vet staff

Dee Dee x-ray

A black Labrador whose pelvis was shattered in a road accident has won a special place in the hearts of the staff at Calder Vets, in Dewsbury, for her bravery after undergoing major surgery.

Dee Dee, from Harrogate, was referred to Calder’s state-of-the-art animal hospital with multiple fractures to her pelvis and a dislocated left hip after she was hit by a lorry.

Veterinary surgeon Joachim Proot carried out two separate procedures on Dee Dee in order to correct the damage caused by the incident.

Thirteen days after she was admitted, Dee Dee was fit enough to return home to complete her recuperation.

Calder veterinary nurse Hayley Buddery said: “She was a lovely and brave girl. Of course, all our patients get lots of care and attention but many of us were involved in her care and she completely won us all over with her patience and affection despite what she had gone through.”

Dee Dee the Labrador