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Male castration

In male animals castration is when their testicles are removed. In dogs this may reduce roaming tendencies, limit some forms of aggression, removes the risk of testicular cancer, reduces the incidence of prostate problems and can prevent certain other cancers. In tom cats it can stop them roaming and reduce the spread of disease through fighting.

Female spaying

In female animals spaying is when the ovaries and womb are removed. In bitches it removes the risk of phantom pregnancy, potentially life threatening uterine infections and reduces the risk of breast cancers. In the female cat it will stop her from coming into heat which can be uncomfortable for her and cause her to roam for tom cats. We also offer laparoscopic spaying for dogs, which is a less invasive procedure.

Rabbit neutering

For rabbits neutering will allow a male and female to live together without producing unwanted babies. This is important as rabbits need company. Simply being brother and sister does not stop rabbits from mating! Female rabbits are at a high risk of developing tumours of the womb (uterus) before the age of five if they are not neutered. Neutering rabbits can also help with certain forms of aggression.