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getting a new puppy

Whether you've had dogs before or whether your new addition is a completely new experience for you, we have all the information you need to make sure you both set off on the right foot. 


Some breeders or rescue centres may have already started your puppies vaccinations.  Just like us, our pets have vaccines against common life threatening diseases to ensure they stay happy and healthy.

  • Core vaccination against Distemper, Adenovirus (Hepatitis), Parvovirus & Leptovirus. Two injections given two weeks apart from 8 weeks of age.
  • Of these, Parvovirus is being seen more and more in South & West Yorkshire, so we recommend a third vaccination against Parvovirus at 16 weeks of age to ensure adequate cover is provided.  Don't worry if you're puppy didn't have this at 16 weeks of age, we still recommend it up to the age of 1 year.
  • Kennel Cough - This is a highly contagious airborne infection that we recommending vaccinating against.  Dogs are at higher risk in areas where lots of other dogs are around such as; puppy classes, doggy day care or meeting other dogs in the park.
  • Booster vaccinations combined with a full health check are required every 12 months.


We work with Pet Plan and can help you set up 4 weeks free insurance to get you started if you wish.

  • Pet insurance is there to cover the cost of unexpected treatment that may be needed if your dog has an accident or becomes ill.
  • We insure our homes and cars, pet insurance is just the same but for our furry friends instead.


This is something you may want to discuss with one of our vets, the recommendations can be tailored to your pets needs based on the most up to date research.

  • Can usually be performed from 6 months of age.
  • Female dogs can be neutered either before or after their first season, and removes the risk of pyometra (a potentially fatal uterine infection) and, depending on when performed, can reduce the risk of mammary tumours.
  • The timing of neutering for male dogs depends on breed and individual situations so have a chat with one of our vets for a tailored advice.


Your dog should already be microchipped when they come to you as this is now a legal requirement.

  • Provides permanent identification for your puppy. It is quick and simple to perform without the need for anaesthesia.
  • Much higher chance of being reunited if your pet is ever lost.

Parasites – Flea and de-worming treatment

  • Ask your vet for a prescription strength comprehensive flea, mite and de-worming product. This includes cover against roundworms (the most common worm in puppies) and lungworm.
  • We will tailor a flea and worm prevention/treatment protocol for your pet based on your personal situation and lifestyle
  • We offer free flea & worm appointments with our nurses, these appointments are a great training opportunity for your puppy.  Often the first few visits to the vets involves an injection so they may decide they don't particularly like coming to the vets.  It's amazing how quickly they change their mind when they visit the lovely nurse every month and get lots of treats.


  • Good quality nutrition is essential for proper growth and development of your puppy. A high quality complete food is the easiest way of ensuring optimum nutrition.
  • The Calder Vets preferred diet is Hills Vet Essentials Science Plan - speak to your vet for advice on the best nutrition and diet for your dog as all breeds and individuals may have specific requirements.

Pet Health for Life Our Pet Health for Life allows you to spread the cost of your pets preventative healthcare, as well as giving you access to preferential rates and discounts.  Ask us for more information when you visit or call your local branch.