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Here at Calder Vets we are able to offer both indirect and direct insurance claims for your pets treatment.

What is an indirect claim?

This is where you pay for your pets treatment and provide us with a signed claim form, with the client's section completed. We then complete the vet sections and send it to your insurer who reimburses you directly should they accept your claim.

What is a direct claim?

When we agree to do a direct claim for your pets treatment you will pay the excess that is relevant to your insurance policy to us and there is a £16 administration fee applied for direct claims and this is applicable once per condition per policy year.

We require a signed claim form, with the client's section completed and we will then complete the vet section and send it to your insurer who then settles the claim directly to the vet practice pending deductions in line with your insurance policy.

Can anyone ‘Claim Direct’?

Each direct claim request is assessed by our dedicated Insurance Team for approval. A decision can often be reached within a few hours. In order to speed this process up we need clients to give their insurer authorisation to speak with us regarding your policy and we require all veterinary history relating to your pet, even if they've been to other vet practices.

Please be aware that this if Calder Vets approves your request for a direct claim this is not a guarantee that your insurer will settle the claim.

If approved, will I be required to pay anything towards my bill?

The policyholder, account holder or signed authority will remain liable for all policy excess payments, including percentage contributions, deductions made by your insurer and non-claimable items.

I would like to ‘Claim Direct’, how do I get started?

Contact your local Calder Vets branch and provide the following;

  1. Your policy details – insurance company, policy number and the date the policy became active.
  2. Details of any other vets your pet has visited.
  3. You need to let your insurance company know that Calder Vets have permission to speak to them.
  4. You will also need to authorise any other vets your pet has visited, to send your pets history upon our request.

Our full insurance Terms & Conditions are available on request.