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dogs and hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy at Calder's Canine Hydrotherapy Suite involves exercise on an underwater treadmill to help your dog to recover from certain conditions and procedures.

If your dog's been referred to us for hydrotherapy, here's what to expect. 

Before You Arrive

For hygiene reasons, we ask that you encourage your dog go to the toilet prior to their appointments and that you ensure they have clean fur and paws.

Your First Session

On your first session, one of our nurses will record your dog's full medical history and take some important measurements. We'll gently introduce your dog to the tank, giving them plenty of time to take a closer look and have a wander round. The first session in the tank is essentially an opportunity for your dog to get used to the procedure.

The water level will be increased gradually, and the treadmill will be started at the lowest speed. Your dog will not be in the water for any longer than five minutes, but the time will be increased across subsequent sessions. Not all dogs adjust easily to the treadmill. Sometimes it can take two or three sessions for them to be fully comfortable, but almost all dogs ultimately enjoy their hydrotherapy sessions. 

Ongoing Sessions

We'll initially sign your dog up for 10 sessions. At the end of this course, an appointment will be made to allow your vet to assess your dog's progress, and to discuss a continual case program, which may include further hydrotherapy sessions. During your dog's sessions, you're welcome to stand at the side of the tank and watch. Your comfort and support may even help them to adjust to the treatment in those crucial early days.

What If My Dog Has a Medical Condition?

If your dog develops a problem before their session is due, we'll most likely delay the session until this is resolved. The sort of issues that would make hydrotherapy risky include eye infections, ear infections, kennel cough, diarrhoea, vomiting, skin problems, and cuts. Call your local Calder Vets branch for more information about our Hydrotherapy services.