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The early stages of high blood pressure are not always obvious, and this disease is often referred to as ‘the silent killer’, because cats may appear fit and healthy until things progress so far that more serious problems occur.

feline blood pressure measuringHigh blood pressure in cats usually occurs as they get older, so we recommend checking your cat’s blood pressure annually once they reach seven years of age. Most owners find it easier to have their cat’s blood pressure checked at the same time as their annual vaccinations and health check.

For cats, prolonged high blood pressure is often associated with other disease such as; chronic kidney disease or hyperthyroidism, so it is important to monitor your cat, so we can identify any changes early.

Taking a blood pressure reading for your cat is much the same as when your doctor or nurse takes your own. A small cuff will be placed around your cat’s leg or tail which is inflated and deflated allowing your cat’s blood pressure to be detected. It only takes a few minutes and most cats tolerate the process very well.

During this consultation, we will also be able to weigh your cat, check his or her teeth and have a listen to their heart to ensure that everything is in good shape giving you peace of mind.

If high blood pressure is detected, there’s no need to panic, there is medication that can be prescribed to prevent the disease from progressing, meaning your cat can go on to live a normal, happy and healthy life with you.