Vet nurse Louise Bardon with a very happy Finn after his stick ordeal.

Vet warns of sticky situation for dogs

A vet from a leading practice in Yorkshire has issued a warning to pet owners after encountering a sticky situation involving a playful pooch. Finn, a four-month old chocolate Labrador was taken to Calder Vets by his owners after he had a painful encounter with a stick. The puppy had been out with his owners


Winter warning for cat owners amid poisoning risk

With the temperatures dropping and winter approaching, we’re asking cat owners to be vigilant of poisoning risks which are particularly common at this time of year. The ingestion of anti-freeze can lead to acute renal failure (ARF) in cats, and is more of a risk throughout the winter months when people are using anti-freeze in cars.


Calder helps Bailey conquer his fear of the vets

Meet Bailey, who has been coming to see Sue at our Brighouse practice to help with his fear of the vets. Bailey used to love coming to see us until after he had an operation, which is when he became scared of his visits. Unfortunately this can happen and despite all the positive interactions before

Waiting Room picture

A fantastic new picture for our cat waiting area

As you may already know we are a gold standard cat-friendly practice which is something we’re very proud of. In order to achieve this status, certain criteria must be met, including having a separate waiting area in reception for cats and their owners, along with a cat-only consult room and many other things. You can

Burgess the rabbit

Model bunny Burgess looks the part after successful operation

A senior rescue rabbit who has retired from a high-flying life as a model is looking the part again thanks to a successful operation to remove a large lump from his leg. Ten-year-old Burgess is used to the limelight, having regularly appeared on food packaging, promotional posters and at veterinary association workshops in recent years.

Cat having its teeth checked

A trip to the dentist

Dental care is one of the areas of pets health that can easily be overlooked. We sometimes simply accept that our pets are bound to have bad breath and feel that there isn’t much we can do about it.  But did you know that there is actually quite a lot that we can do as

Labrador Sebastian

Labrador Sebastian beats the odds as 3kg tumour is removed from his lung

Vets have carried out life-saving surgery on a black labrador after they discovered a massive tumour the size of a rugby ball on one of his lungs. Six-year-old Sebastian was referred to Calder Vets, which has 12 practices across Yorkshire, with a suspected heart problem after he suddenly started coughing and retching while out for