Calder Vets Do Race For Life

cancer research UK

On Sunday 2nd June 2013 at Thornes Park Wakefield, the Calder Girls will run the race for life in the fight to beat cancer. Help us raise money by joining us in the race or show your support by donating online. Funds can be donated to our just giving page or on our Facebook page.

Meet the team

Tracy Hemingway

Tracy is running for her Auntie Barbara whom we unexpectedly lost to cancer in 2012. She is missed very much by all her family and by the pets too, Clyde and Holly.  I need your support guys, went jogging last night and can’t walk this morning-back gone again!

Kylie Greenwood

Kylie is running for her Mums friend Jackie who lost to Cancer a few years ago. Please support us. We are all training hard and hoping to raise lots of monies to help fight this horrible disease. PLEASE SUPPORT US

Lucy Feather

Lucy is running the race for life for both her grandad and her godfather who both unfortunately lost their lives to cancer. “My grandad had liver cancer and my godfather had pancreatic cancer and both only found out about the cancer in the late stages and were taken at a fairly young age. Cancer research is such a good cause and I can’t wait to show my support”.

Teresa Newsome

Teresa is joining the fight for all her loved ones.

Lyn Howarth

Lyn is running for the Little Foxes Charity Barnsley Hospital.

Lara Mchale

Lara is taking part in “race for life” on behalf of her Aunty Joyce, Aunty Wendy, Uncle Neil & Sky Mchale, all of which passed away due to cancer.

“I am training really hard and hope to “run” the whole course – hopefully!!  I did manage to run last time I entered, so I have a lot to live up to…”

Elsa Massey

This year Elsa is running for her Nan who died of ovarian cancer in 2008. “She was a wonderful lady who would do anything for anyone and I think she would be very proud of all the women who run to raise money with race for life”.

Katie Roberts

Katie is running for her mum and a close friend.

“I’m one of the Calder girls running the race for life after my mum was diagnosed with womb cancer 2 years ago and had to go through a major op and with follow up treatment is now on her way to recovery, unfortunately another close friend of mine was diagnosed last year but did not win the fight against cancer and lost her life in the summer of last year. Cancer is a horrible disease which not only affects the person who is ill but also the lives of the persons family and friends. If the Calder girls can raise enough money to save one person’s life then running this race will be worthwhile”.

Kara Chapman

Is running for family members who have lost to cancer but also to support the fight against cancer which provides hope for the future.

Nicki Ryan

Is running for her family members.

No family is untouched by cancer. I am running the race for life for loved ones in my own family who I have lost or are currently suffering from this disease and for all those families like mine who have suffered or are going through the effects of cancer. There has been so much improvement in the treatment of cancer and we will keep running to play our part in the fight against this disease”.

By making a donation using our just giving page you can increase your donation by ticking the Gift Aid box!

This will increase your donation by at least 25% at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support. Together we will beat cancer.