Puppy School at Brighouse

Puppy School at Brighouse

Puppy school at Brighouse

We are now running puppy school courses at our Brighouse surgery with Registered Veterinary Nurse and Qualified Behavioural Trainer Sue O’Hare. We highly recommend that puppies attend our puppy school because research has shown that a well run puppy school can help prevent behavioural problems later on in life. Learn how to teach the exercises necessary for basic home obedience such as Sit, Settle, Come and Leave It.

What to expect:

  • Advice on dealing with common puppy issues
  • Learn how to teach your puppy a few basic exercises such as sit, lie down, and come.
  • An opportunity for your puppy to meet a range of people.
  • An opportunity for your puppy to play with other healthy puppies under supervision.
  • A fundamental understanding of how dogs work: how they learn and how to teach them, what kinds of behaviours are perfectly natural to the species.
  • The opportunity to ask questions about anything you may be wondering about regarding your pup’s behaviour and care.

For more information you can contact;

Sue on 07586 369107 or contact the

Brighouse surgery on 01484 404400

We look forward to seeing you and your puppy soon!