Complex Canine Heart Surgery Saves Puppy’s Life

A family from Hull has praised Calder Vets in Dewsbury for performing complex canine heart surgery to save the life of their Yorkshire Terrier puppy Bella.

Heart Murmur Leads to Canine Heart Surgery

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Bella was born with a canine heart defect and, at the age of just 10 months, she was found to have a serious heart murmur. Her local vets practice in Hull referred her to Calder Vets’ state of the art animal hospital in Dewsbury where the lifesaving operation was performed.

The successful canine heart surgery means Bella can now lead a full, happy and normal life with her family – Laura Mullett her partner Adam Nicholson, Laura’s daughters Chloe, age 16, and Leah, 11 and Adam’s children Lewis age 15 and Briony age 16.

Mrs Mullett said: “We can’t thank Calder Vets enough for all they did for Bella, she is doing so well. You would not believe she had ever had anything wrong with her, in fact I sometimes wonder if they replaced her heart with that of a Great Dane! Thank you so much to everyone at Calder Vets for giving us our Bella back. She is very much loved.”

State of the Art Canine Heart Surgery

Bella’s journey to good health began with a scan at the Calder Vets Animal Hospital, which confirmed she had the heart condition Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA).

Calder Vets’ Cardiologist Antonio Moneva-Jordan said: “The condition was causing a massive strain on Bella’s heart and it was getting worse every day. If left untreated it would have led to chronic canine heart failure.”


One of the practice’s veterinary surgeons, Joachim Proot, performed the two hour long, delicate operation assisted by a team of highly skilled vets and veterinary nurses.

During the procedure Bella’s normal lung function was no longer possible and nurses took over her breathing with her every breath being made by a qualified veterinary nurse using assisted breathing technique called IPPV (Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation).

Bella has made a full recovery and surgeons at Calder Vets are delighted with her progress.

Joachim said: “Without this surgery I’m afraid Bella would have suffered chronic canine heart failure and eventually died. We’re all thrilled with the progress she has made. She now has a full and happy life ahead of her with her family.”

Spotting the Symptoms of Heart Failure in Dogs

Bella’s recovery was made possible by the expertise and state of the art technology at Calder Vets. But her heart defect would not have been spotted were it not for the attention and care of her owners.

Look out for the following symptoms of heart failure in your dog:

  • Coughing for an extended period
  • Tiredness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Poor appetite
  • Enlarged stomach area
  • Pale or blue gums
  • Rapid or weak pulse

What to do if you suspect heart failure in your dog

If you suspect any heart problems in your dog, you should contact your vet immediately.

Our emergency helpline provides a full accident and emergency service throughout the night and is available to pet owners in West Yorkshire 365 days a year.

Calder Vets prides itself on providing a personal, caring and professional service where the well-being of animals is the number one priority. It has some of the best veterinary facilities in the North of England and has 11 practices in West Yorkshire – Dewsbury, Mirfield, Wakefield, Sandal, Huddersfield, Brighouse, Horbury, Tingley, Penistone and Denby Dale.

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