Canine Reproduction CPD Event

UPDATE: we no longer offer reproduction services, please visit Paragon Veterinary Referrals.

Our team of fully qualified veterinary surgeons with an interest in canine reproduction is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet all your dog breeding requirements.

Our Canine Reproduction Team is headed by Louise McLean, a veterinary surgeon with many years’ experience of small animal veterinary practice, and a particular interest in endocrinology and reproduction. Louise has studied canine reproduction in the United States and has now brought the very best techniques back to the UK.

We offer the following advanced breeding techniques with Calder Vets Ltd.

Semen freezing and storage.

Dog semen, once frozen, survives indefinitely. The quality doesn’t deteriorate with time and it will be as good quality 100 years after freezing as it was the day it was frozen. This means that you can capture and preserve the qualities of your stud dog and have them available to you and your breed for very many years.
Semen freezing is a specialist process and methods vary. At Calder Vets we pride ourselves on producing the best quality frozen semen we can to maximise results. We have both the Camelot Farms and LSU methods of freezing available.

Endoscopic Trans-Cervical Insemination

When using frozen or poor quality chilled semen to inseminate a bitch it is vital that the semen is placed inside the bitch’s womb rather than just in her vagina. Endoscopic- guided Trans-Cervical Insemination the method used at Calder Vets for this as no surgery or anaesthetic is used. Most bitches tolerate this procedure very well and we are happy for owners to be present.

The bitch remains awake and standing as an endoscope is introduced into her vagina so that her cervix can be seen. The semen is placed in her womb via a catheter passed up through her cervix via the endoscope.

The Kennel Club will readily accept litters conceived by Trans-cervical Insemination.

If you are an experienced breeder, vet or nurse you can find out more about our reproduction services by joining us for an evening meeting on Tuesday 8th April 2014 at the Village Hotel in Tingley.

Or if you would like to discuss semen freezing, artificial insemination or any aspect of reproduction please contact Calder Vets Ltd on (01924) 465592 or visit reproduction services.