Santi’s not nervous any more!

Santi at a Calder Vets nervous dogs session

This handsome young chap is Santi, who has been visiting our Lockwood branch for our free nervous dog sessions.

When he was a pup, Santi suffered an injury to his paw which was very painful and required stitches to fix it. As he was at a critical stage for his socialisation, he sadly became very anxious of going to the vets or having his feet handled.

Santi is a very bright boy and, through his owners’ hard work and the free sessions, has quickly learned that coming to the vets can be fun and is not something to worry about. Three cheers for Santi!

At Calder we understand how important positive socialisation is for your furry friends, which is why we always recommend puppies enrol on our puppy classes at our Brighouse and Lockwood surgeries.

We also offer free puppy socialisation sessions at Lockwood, Brighouse and Waterloo to help new pups become comfortable in the veterinary environment, as well as nervous dog sessions to help those already worried by veterinary visits or handling to help them feel much better about being with us.

If you would like to book for a free nervous dog session or a free puppy vet socialisation session please call us on one of the following numbers:

If you would like more information on the puppy schools at Brighouse or Lockwood, please call Sue O’Hare on 07586 369107.