Pre-neutering appointments at Calder Vets

pre-neutering appointments

We all know how daunting it can be when we’re planning for our pets to have surgery, which is why we’re now offering pre-neuter appointments for cat and dog owners.

We have launched the consultations for owners to bring their pets in before the operation to check up on any unexpected issues and make sure our care is tailored to your pet’s needs.

Much like when us humans have surgery, one of our nurses will carry out a health check prior to the operation to ensure your pet is fit and well to be neutered on the day.

Our nurses discuss pre-operation blood testing, the neutering procedure, recovery at home, post-operation food, caring for their wound, costs and potential risks.

Emma Goodley and Daisy the Chihuahua recently visited us for their pre-neuter appointment and Emma felt much more at ease about Daisy having her surgery.

She said: “I was very anxious before I came in for the pre-neutering appointment but after a detailed discussion with Phillipa, one of the nurses, I was reassured and felt much more informed.

“I was able to ask questions and go home feeling calm, which after all is better for Daisy. I found the staff to be kind and reassuring – thank you.”

Also on offer are our neutering care packs, which include pet ‘onesies’ to protect the wound from being reached, as well as pre-operation bloods and food for dogs at a reduced fee.

We recommend dogs to be neutered from six months old and cats from five months, so advise our pre-neuter consultations to take place from four to five months old.

To book an appointment, please contact your local Calder practice.