Calder Vets fill cats’ hearts with the sound of music

We all know how daunting it can be for our cats when visiting the vets, which is why we’ve found a solution to help relax our feline friends.

Senior ward nurses, Kathryn Atkinson and Jenny Taylor, wanted to help our inpatients feel more comfortable while staying at the Dewsbury practice by filling the room with the sound of music.

The duo play eight-hour long tracks, such as lullabies and classical music, at all times because it’s clinically proven to reduce stress levels.

Kathryn said: “Having classical music playing is very relaxing for cats compared with silence.

“There have been many studies surrounding animals reacting to music, which shows it lowers their heart rates and decreases stress.

“It’s almost like they’re in a trance! You can see the difference in our feline patients’ demeanour as they seem much more settled and relaxed in their beds with the music playing. Cats can be fussier than dogs so keeping them as calm and relaxed as possible during their stay really helps them in their recoveries.”

We are very proud to be accredited as a gold standard Cat-Friendly Practice, which was achieved by providing a separate waiting area in reception for cats and their owners, a cat-only consult room and many other cat-friendly requirements. All cats staying with us are given a ‘cat forte’ which they all love as it makes them feel secure and comfortable