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We want you and your puppy to feel welcome at Calder Vets.

Puppy Club will give your pup the best start in helping them feel safe and comfortable in the veterinary environment.


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What is Puppy Club

Over a two week course we will introduce your puppy to the veterinary environment, along with some commonly used equipment such as a stethoscope and nail clippers.  We'll also help your puppy get used to having a veterinary exam, including things like eye and ear checks - all the things that can seem scary for them at first. 

We will show you how to help your pup feel happy being handled at home too, no more running away when the brush and nail clippers come out!

We'll cover other important topics such as;

  • An overview of how your puppy learns and some important stages that may affect their training, busting some common misconceptions along the way
  • Understanding what your puppy is saying by reading their body language
  • Some favourite puppy basics - toilet training, crate training and puppy mouthing
  • Provide information about how you can ensure children and dogs interact safely
  • Health and nutrition advice

Plus a free goodie bag!

When can we start?

It's important to us that we can help your puppy with their social skills early on, when they're at their peak "learning" age.  We also want to ensure that our puppy club members are protected with vaccinations to ensure everyone is kept happy and safe.  Therefore your pupply will need to have had at least their first vaccination and have been seen by one of our vets for a health check (this is included in our first vaccination if you had them with us). 

We will accept puppies up to the age of 12-14 weeks, depending on their size. 

Where are Puppy Club sessions held?

We currently run sessions from our Lockwood branch.  For more information about when the next available session is you can call them on 01484 429404.

What's next?

Why stop there?  Your puppy has had the best start to their social life and will think of the vets as a fun place to go.  Why not join our Puppy Smart training course with Jemma at our Lockwood branch.  Jemma is one of our Auxillary Nurses who also runs her own canine training/behaviour business, Ruffmutz, so has lots of experience in dog training.