Pet Dental Health Update

Free dental checks at Calder Vets

Dental Disease in Pets

Dental disease is the most common infectious disease of our pets. Over 80% of cats and dogs over the age of 3 require dental treatment. The good news is that the majority of dental problems are treatable and nearly all are preventable.

As part of our commitment to supporting responsible pet ownership, we are inviting you and your pet to Calder Vets for a free dental health check.

Free Pet Dental Checks at Calder Vets

Book in for an appointment now to have your pets teeth checked.

We can offer advice on dental care and hygiene, and if dentistry is required we can advise in detail about this as well.

Animals need regular dental care just as much as you do. Our trained veterinary nurses are available to offer you advice on how you can achieve this care and our dental health checks can quickly identify potential problems.

Dental Exams in Pets

During the exam one of our trained nurses will check your pet’s mouth to determine whether or not dental cleaning is required. This is particularly important in older animals. The dental checks are also a good time to evaluate your home dental care program as home teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental problems in the future.

To book an appointment for your pets free dental health check please contact the surgery on (01924) 465592.

After all every pet deserves a squeaky clean smile!