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calder vets in west yorkshire and leeds lumps and bumps checkignf ro your pet

We know that finding an unexpected lump on your pet can be very stressful. You hope for the best but fear the worst, and the temptation is often to just "wait and see" what happens. In many cases, lumps and bumps on our animals can be nothing to worry about, or are easily removable or treatable. We want to help you avoid unnecessary worry about your family member by offering a free appointment with one of our vets to get any concerns checked out.

Book online or call your local practice to make your appointment. Our vet will conduct a thorough physical check of any areas of concern.

If we think further investigations are necessary, you will be entitled to 10% discount on diagnostic testing.

We will only recommend this if needed - hopefully there will be nothing to worry about, and you can get back to carefree pet ownership and peace of mind.

Terms & conditions apply.

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