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Why is dental health for your pet important?

Just like you, your pet needs to maintain healthy teeth and gums. But unlike you, they cannot do this by themselves!

Looking after your pet's pearly whites is extremely important, which is why we're advocating pet dental health awareness at Calder Vets to provide help, advice and treatment along with some great offers.

Dental disease among cats, dogs and rabbits is one of the most common problems we deal with at Calder Vets and there are some simple steps all pet owners can take to improve their pet’s oral health.

To help you get started on the road to better dental care for your pet, we're offering a Free Home Care Kit.

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What problems can bad oral health cause?

Unfortunately, dental disease is extremely common in pets due to a combination of dietary and genetic factors - by the age of five a lot of them will need dental treatment.

Most dental cases aren’t a dire emergency. However, dental disease is progressive and, as the gums become inflamed, bacteria start to enter the bloodstream and can damage organs such as the heart or kidneys. The longer the delay, the more likely your pet will suffer irreversible damage - this means potentially more extractions, resulting in a longer anaesthetic and also more expense.

What action should I take?

It is better to get treatment sooner rather than later. Encouragingly, many owners report back that after the dental work has been done, their pet appears significantly brighter and happier, which means that underlying pain is being resolved. Remember, animals will only stop eating if the pain becomes excruciating.

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Calder Vets top tips for a tip top mouth

  • Regular tooth brushing is the most effective way to control plaque build-up that leads to tartar.
  • Specially designed pet toothbrushes and toothpaste must be used.
  • If tooth brushing is not an option, don’t worry! There are various other products which can be applied directly to the mouth or given in food which can help to reduce tartar build-up.
  • Dental treats are not as effective as tooth brushing but can have a modest effect on tartar build-up so worth a try.
  • Playtime is the best form of exercise for your cat – helping your cat stay active will prevent boredom and consequently overeating.
  • Just be aware that these treats tend to be high in calories though so do make sure you are taking this into account when giving them!

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Dental hygiene is all about prevention and home care. We have a variety of different ways to help reduce the likelihood of future problems. If you have any questions about your pet’s oral health, please contact us.

*T&Cs apply. Offer valid until 31/03/2020 and may be withdrawn at any time. Not available in conjunction with any other offer/promotion and is subject to availability. No cash alternative. Offer entitles new or existing clients of Calder Vets to a free home care kit for every dental booked. Home care kits includes 70g toothpaste, and toothbrush for dogs and 43g toothpaste and toothbrush for cats. All services are subject to our standard terms and conditions. One offer per client. Offer not open to employees of Calder Vets. Further details of this promotion and any of our services available at