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Calder Vets have developed a programme to aid newly qualified vets gain knowledge and essential experience within our multi-disciplined small animal practice. We understand that finding and starting your first job can be a stressful process.

The New Graduate Programme aims to provide a supportive environment to nurture graduates through those first challenging months of Veterinary work. We have found this allows us to actively encourage our gold standard approach to cases.

Graduate Programme

We take on recent graduates wanting to develop their clinical and diagnostic skills. The aim being to produce a well-rounded and confident individual.

Candidates must be keen and well-motivated individuals with good communication skills and a desire to forge ahead. In return, we hope that at the end of this 12 month period, our graduates will decide to stay with us as a full time member of our team with a clearly defined role at our practice.

What does the programme offer?

Vets performing surgeryOur Graduate Programme will provide newly qualified vets with mentoring in a busy practice environment and a support network with the opportunity to review your work and findings on a regular basis.

During the one year programme we provide graduates with essential knowledge and experience. This invaluable experience will be in areas that graduates may not have had much practical experience of in University.

Our Dewsbury Hospital provides an environment that is both busy and well equipped with structured consulting and operating times. This, alongside experienced teams of nurses and receptionists allows graduates the opportunity to develop skills and be fully supported by a close knit team.

Candidates will have an individual weekly work programme and the opportunity to visit different branch sites and experience working in a smaller practice.

At clinical level, we team our graduates up with experienced vets to support them with the day to day challenges of the first year in practice. This provides graduates with practical experience of:

  • The consultation process
  • Routine first opinion procedures
  • Interpretation of Radiographs
  • Structuring work-ups after first initial clinical presentation
  • How to communicate with the clients and offer full customer service support
  • Emergency care and out of hours work

Additional opportunities for new graduates

At Calder Vets we can help graduates gain knowledge of first opinion practice, but we also have the opportunity for graduates to gain the experience in small animal referral services.

Graduates will be able to observe and assist with our referral veterinary team with our colleagues at Paragon Veterinary Referrals . Valuable experience in these fields can be gained and the opportunity to gain knowledge that will allow candidates to observe and experience cases that are not common in other small animal practices.

Our referral services include:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Cardiology
  • Reproduction


  • A mix of branch and hospital based first opinion work, with extensive support from senior and referral vets
  • Provide our clients and their pets with the highest level of care
  • Work closely with your mentor to develop your skills

To apply contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.